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Ft. Lupton Storage

We replaced over 450 squares of 60 mil RPI Reflex TPO roofing, along with 500 feet of custom metal work, and over 1,000 feet of gutters on the Ft. Lupton Storage complex. As you can see we took the existing roofing off down to the substrate and installed new ISO and Dens Deck. The entire project took about 2 weeks to complete even with the snow!


Mason Project - Boulder, CO.

Here we replaced 55 squares of shingles with Owens Corning Duration on this home in Boulder. This complex roof required specialty metal ridge and additional equipment like a telehandler. We even had to get a special permit for closing a section of the road to safely be able to work. We helped the Masons through the claims process from start to finish. We couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out!

Crooked Willow Farms

Crooked Willow Farms is a beautiful wedding venue south of Denver that we were able to help get their roof replaced. Over 20,000 sf of metal roofing was replaced from a hailstorm. It was quite the undertaking. From replacing the sheathing under the metal, to making sure we steered clear of the animals on the farm it was meticulously managed project. We’re thankful Crooked Willow allowed us to be part of the process of restoring their buildings to perfect condition.

“Simon Brothers Roofing put on over 200 square of metal roof on the Venue at Crooked Willow Farms. Quality of work was outstanding, including removal and cleanup and all done in a timely fashion. Steve and Phil were easy to work with and professional in all areas of workmanship. Highly recommend Simon Bros. Roofing.”
Bob Sexton
Property Manager, Crooked Willow Farms
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Free Inspections by Residential Roofers

Simon Bros offers a free roof inspection. Whether you are concerned about a recent storm or just need a routine inspection we can take care of you. By having a free inspection done you can prevent further damage to your home. A routine inspection may find issues that require a quick fix versus them turning into major issues if not addressed. After we’re done, you can go about your day with the piece of mind your home is protected.

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Simon Bros Solar brings you the highest quality of products and services for Residential and Commercial Solar. With the cost of energy continuing to rise, now is the time to convert to solar. Our solar team will design a system specific to your home and your energy needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every 5 years or after any major weather event such as hail or high winds. Also if you there are any visible leaks or shingles missing.

No. Most municipalities won’t allow what we call a layover.  It also immediately voids your shingle warranty.  Removing the old roof also allows us to inspect your decking and ensure the surface is solid.

We recommend having a roofer inspect the roof prior to filing the claim. This prevents you from having unnecessary claims against your homeowner’s insurance if there is not enough damage to exceed your deductible.

Usually no. Commercial Roofing Contractors understand closing for even a day can hurt a business. We do our best to prevent this from happening by using barricades and safety protocols to keep your customers safe and business continuing as usual.

Depending on how they are attached we may have to detach and reset them. We will make sure they are on the appropriate size curb and the proper roofing product is used. Some roofs because of their rooftop equipment are more suited for an EPDM product from one of our manufacturers like Firestone.

Most municipalities require us to pull a permit. Some will require a pre-inspection before installation and the a final inspection once the project is completed. We may have to pull a permit to shut down a sidewalk or road if they are in an area that would hazardous for bystanders.

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