Residential and Commercial Solar

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Simon Bros. Roofing has partnered with Palmetto to bring you the highest quality of products and services for Residential and Commercial Solar. With the cost of energy continuing to rise, now is the time to convert to solar. Our solar team will design a system specific to your home and your energy needs.

Residential and Commercial Solar

Rooftop Installations

Roof top solar panel installations are the main system people want and that are installed. This allows you to be energy independent. With our 400W QCELL, we can maximize your roof space.

Ground Mounts

If your roof is too cut up or there’s too much shade for roof top solar panels, we can still install a ground mount system for you.


If you are trying to get off grid or maybe just want a few days back up if the power goes out, we have the battery that can achieve this goal.

Detach & Reset

If you currently have panels and need a roof replacement we can detach & reset the panels. We make sure that this doesn’t conflict with your current warranty on the system.

Why Go to Solar?

There are a variety of reasons people go solar. Residential and Commercial Solar is clean, inexhaustible, and easy to harness. Converting to solar puts you in control. A residential and commercial solar system for your home or business typically costs less than you think. Regardless of your reason, we’re here to help every step of the way.


Take control of your power. The cost of energy will continue to rise as it has over the last few years. Lock in your monthly energy payment now. The sit back and watch the savings.

Home Value

Increase the value of your home. Even if you are not staying in your home forever, studies show that home with solar power sell faster and for more money.

Go Green

Residential and Commercial Solar is a clean, renewable energy that will lower your carbon footprint on the world.

Avoid Outages

With a battery storage you never have to worry again about losing power during the crazy storms that roll through the front range.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, people see a 4% increase in the value of their home. In some areas an even higher increase.

While you have the option of going off grid with solar panels most are still tied into the grid. This allows you to use power from the grid when your panels are producing, like at night and send power back into the grid when you are producing more power than you are using.

With Xcel you have a 1 to 1 net metering. Basically, that means you only pay for the electricity you would use beyond what your panels will produce. So, at times you may be using more power than your panels are currently generating but you are using a credit from when you were generating more than you used.

Solar panels are made to be very durable. In rare occasions you will have a panel damaged. Most likely you will file an Insurance Claim and they will be covered under your homeowner’s policy that will vary depending on your coverage. The majority of the time your panels will be fine, but your roof may need to be replaced. In this case your panels would be detached and reset along with a roof replacement.

Currently there is a 26% federal tax credit. This will be decreasing in 2023 to 22% and then gone in 2024. Along with the federal tax some electric companies have a credit you can receive back.

The cost varies on each home depending on the amount of energy you use. Our goal is to essentially swap out your current electric bill for the monthly solar payment. We have many different financing options available to suit your family’s needs.

Residential And Commercial Solar Faq

About Simon Bros. Roofing and Solar

Simon Bros. started in 1907 in North Platte, NE by Phil Simon’s grandfather, Carl Simon. They did everything from sheet metal, to roofing, to HVAC. Simon Bros. was actually one of the first companies in North Platte to install central heating in a home.

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