Our roofs and gutters are impacted every year when snow and hail storms hit. Did you know that strong winds and fallen leaves can cause damage too?

As a homeowner, you can easily look for signs of damage that might be noticeable on your roof, and in or around your gutters. Noticeable damage would be a lot of fallen debris from your roof, rust around existing roof penetrations, and stains from downspouts on concrete. If these conditions exist then give us a call to inspect your roof! Our project managers will safely inspect your roof and document all damage by making notes and taking pictures. Most times shingles can be touched up with a minor sealant, a new pipe boot, or a replacement shingle,however, tile roofs and flat roofing membranes require different maintenance items.

Get your gutters cleaned! Overflowing gutters can create a hazard to your roof and downspouts. Simon Bros. Roofing and Restoration will closely inspect your gutters making sure larger areas are free of buildup and downspouts are not clogged. By maintaining clean gutters this can help eliminate a substantial amount of repetitive gutter maintenance calls.